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The Captain

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Image of The Captain
  • Image of The Captain
  • Image of The Captain
  • Image of The Captain

"Not a breeze in the air
and docks are calm
the man waits in his chair
with open palms.
The clock strikes 12
The fog horn blows
The man looks up
the Captain shows. "

The Captain will show you the way but you must be quick. Time and tide wait for no man.

The Captain is one of the most legendary tama designs of modern kendama. The collaboration between Jake Wiens and the world famous Mr. Sourmash gave birth to a tama that is beautiful, minimal, and sophisticated.

Each Tama is handcrafted by the legendary Sourmash and coated with his signature gloss.

Tamas dont include small black dots in the arrows.


-Maple GT-1 Ken
-Sourmash painted Maple Captain tama
-2 Ken Lab strings
-Dama bag
-couple of stickers

All are Ken and Tamas are weighted matched to within 8 grams